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DAS 2.0

Dust Analysis System 2.0 (DAS 2.0) Introduction

Soiling Behaviors & Cleaning Timing

DAS 2.0 web user guide

Users can quickly understand the degree of contamination of the case site on the web page, and determine whether to proceed with cleaning.

DAS 2.0 installation video

How to quickly install DAS2.0 through video tutorials.

DAS 2.0 Maintenance Menu

Provides basic scheduled maintenance information for dust analysis system (DAS 2.0) during system maintenance to maintain optimal performance levels of the system.

DAS 2.0 Spec Sheet

A novel soiling monitoring solution for PV power plant operation

Kiwa ExTEL Outbound API Documentation

This document discusses how to download/transfer DAS 2.0 soiling data from the Kiwa Extel Cloud using the RESTful Outbound API. 

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