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PV Power Plant Inspection Service

PV Power Plant Inspection Service

We do on-site health check and diagnosis for your PV power plants

DAS Service

Dust Analysis System

We develop plug-and-play soiling monitoring solutions for your PV power plants

Outdoor Pyranometer Calibration Service

inspection Service

We carry out module factory audit, production monitoring, and pre-shipment inspection for finished PV modules

PV Analyzer Platform Service

PV Analyzer

We design and install a test platform to evaluate on-site performance of different modules/ technologies

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We provide one-stop

shop for technical consulting services

PV Power Plant Inspection Service

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SAT Site Acceptance Test                                                                                             

Before COD, we help our clients to conduct site acceptance test (SAT) according to IEC testing standards (IEC 62446-1 & IEC 61724-1). SAT inspection can verify the construction quality and performance of the PV power plants.

On-Site PV Health Check                                                                                              

The service is carried out in your PV power plants by our technical team with the certified measurement tools and our in-house toolbox. The package includes:

-PV Module Degradation (WiS)                               -Drone Infrared Imaging (DIR)

-Outdoor Pyranometer Calibration (OPC)               -Inverter Efficiency (INV)

-Infrared Image of Electrical box (IR)                      -String I-V Curve (I-V)

-String Insulation (Insulation)                                  -Array continuity (Continuity)

-Electroluminescence Image (EL)

PV Power Plant Inspection Service
PV Power Plant Inspection Service

Technical Due Diligence                                                                                                

WiS is an invaluable tool for potential buyers to evaluate the PV module power level of the intended assets for acquisition

Insurance Claim                                                                                                              On-site WiS service also helps the insurance companies or the PV assets owners to determine the level of module damages due to natural disaster e.g. flooding

Asset Management                                                                                                        

​Provide project investors, owners, and insurance companies perform hardware equipment repairs, case site audits, and case site regular inspections and evaluations.

PV power plant inspection

Dust Analysis System

  • A tool to schedule the module cleaning
  • Prioritize the cleaning area depending on the soiling status
  • Reduce module cleaning frequency
  • Maximize the power generation/revenue

Dust Analysis System (DAS 2.0) is a device to quantify the soiling status of operating PV power plants, which can help clients schedule the best time to clean the modules, save the cleaning cost and maximize the power output for owners.

DAS2.0 Service
DAS2.0 Service
dust analysis system

Pre-shipment inspection services

Outdoor Pyranometer  Calibration.png

PV Modules takes up more than 40% of total cost of PV power plant. It is very important for investors and owners to ensure the quality of modules. ExTEL provides PSI service, including factory audit, for the clients.

Factory Audit/  Production Monitoring                                                                           

Deploying quality assurance engineers in the module factory during production to ensure that all required material, process, and production controls are applied correctly.

Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)                                                                                         

Based on ISO standard, we provide the daily monitoring, sampling test, and loading witness at production line before the shipment to ensure module quality before they are delivered to site.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Services
Pre-Shipment Inspection Services
pre-shipment inspection services

PV Analyzer Platform

PV Analyzer Platform.png

PV Analyzer (PVA) is designed to monitor single PV panel power output in an outdoor environment. Multiple PVA units can be installed within a large scale PV power plant to monitor the energy profile across irregular terrains or elevation.

[ Application ] PV Site-ing System (PSS)                                                                         

PVA is the perfect tool for quick deployment on the potential project sites to collect the energy yield and environmental data for solar farm financial model calculation.

[ Application ] EXTEL Bi-facial Analyzer (EBA)                                                                

PVA is also applicable for benchmarking the performance differences of PV technologies such as

c-Si vs. thin-film technology, bi-facial vs. mono facial PV module.

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pv analyzer platform


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PV Modules takes up more than 40% of total cost of PV power plant. It is very important for investors and owners to ensure the quality of modules. ExTEL provides PSI service, including factory audit, for the clients.

One-stop shop consulting service project                                                                    

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Technical Advisory

Education and training

on-site pV health checkoperation&management

​Design ReviewTechnical advice providedEPC contract review

site acceptance test

Construction progress andcritical milestone monitoring

Performance ratio(PR)assessment evaluation

On-site investigationEnergy Yield assementDrone Infrared image

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