PV Analyzer  Platform.png

PV Analyzer


We design a modulized platform to evaluate single module performance

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Module Cleaning Service

We use in-house designed drone to clean PV modules in solar farms

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Warranty inspection Service

We carry outdoor inspection for checking PV module degradation level

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PV Power Plant Inspection Service

We do on-site PV health check and certification for your PV power plants

PV Analyzer Platform

PV Analyzer  Platform.png

PV Analyzer (PVA) designed to monitor single PV panel power output in an outdoor environment. Multiple PVA units can be installed within a large scale PV power plant to monitor the energy profile across irregular terrains or elevation.

[ Application ] PV Site-ing System (PSS)                                 

PVA is the perfect tool for quick deployment on the potential project sites to collect the energy yield and environmental data for solar farm financial model calculation.

[ Application ] EXTEL Bi-facial Analyzer (EBA)                        PVA is also applicable for benchmarking the performance differences of PV technologies such as

c-Si vs. thin-film technology, bi-facial vs. mono facial PV module.

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Module Cleaning Service

Module  Cleaning Service.png

EXTEL ENERGY has designed the in-house drone called Drone Module Washer (DMW) for cleaning large scale PV power plants. The unlimited flight time with high pressure water spray system overcomes the accessibility hurdle of roof-top or elevated PV system and greatly improves cleaning speed which is imperative to MW scale PV power plants.

  • Unlimited flight time with AC power 
  • No direct contact with PV module
  • Elevate module cleaning efficiency
  • High pressure water spray system
  • Integrated with video/IR camera

Warranty Inspection service

Warranty Inspection Service.png

We provide on-site measurement service to inspect PV module degradation level. The selected PV module for inspection doesn't require to be dismantled from the rack in the field. In addition, the measurement time on each module is short without affecting power output. WiS measurement result has been proven equivalent to from certified laboratory measurement.

[ Application ] Technical Due Diligence                                

WiS is an invaluable tool for buyers or consulting firms to have a comprehensive check on the PV module power warranty of the intended assets for acquisition.

[ Application ] Insurance Claim                                              

On-site WiS service also helps the insurance companies or the PV assets owners to determine the level of module damages due to natural disaster e.g. flooding
for insurance claims.


PV Power Plant Inspection Service

PV Power Plant  Inspection Service.png

On-Site PV Health Check                                                      

The service is carried out in your PV power plants by our technical team with the certified measurement tools and our in-house toolbox. The package includes:  

 - Module Degradation Check by WiS

 - Infrared Aerial Imaging by Drone (DIR)

 - Outdoor Pyranometer Calibration (OPC)

 - String I-V Test

 - String DC Operation Test

 - Insulation & Earthing Test 

PPVP Certification Service                                                     

In 2019, EXTEL ENERGY has partnered with KIWA Taiwan to provide certification of local PV power plants with IEC testing standards (IEC 62446-1 & IEC 61724-1). Certification service can increase the values of PV assets especially in the future secondary market.